Jean Christophe Clement

Jean-Christophe CLEMENT Module « Smart Energy »

Project Manager at Capenergies (green and low carbon energies competitiveness cluster)


After graduating in 2002 from the French engineering school Art&Métiers ParisTech, he began working as project engineer in the paper industry to optimise the investments of major paper groups on energy topics (cogeneration and process energy efficiency). In 2007, he specialised in sustainable development and renewable energies trough two high level masters in Politecnico and Arts&Metiers. He enters the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME), and he was project officer in charge of European and UN projects, all in the field of energy efficiency, and renewable energies, and on various topic: technology, business models, financing. He then worked since 2011 as project manager at the Chamber for Industry and Commerce, designed and implemented a program to foster the use of EE and RE within the companies located on the French Riviera, and to sustain local economy on these topics, with the support of several European and national funding schemes. He is today, since beginning 2016, project manager at Capenergies, the PACA Region green and low carbon energies competitiveness cluster, and is starting two major Smart Grids national projects, the first on Innovation and Education (Smart Campus Nice Sophia), the second on large scale Smart Grids implementation (Flexgrid).