MSc Engineers for Smart Cities

Fostering talents in Smart Cities cross-sector challenges

(1 Year Program)


The city of tomorrow should be efficient, sustainable, inclusive, and smart.
It should enable us to work, move around, let our voices be heard, and to build our dreams.

Each of us has solutions, but none of us possesses all of them.
That is why, for this degree program, we have brought together the skills of experts, both scientific and industrial, in each branch of the smart city: energy, society, mobility, economy, risks, etc.

Come join us to build the city of the future together!


The Master of Science Engineers for Smart Cities offers an advanced multidisciplinary study experience focused on Smart Cities as well as the innovations and business solutions triggered by the transition towards more sustainable urban environments (design, deployment, and operation of urban systems).

Engineers for Smart Cities aims to foster professionals capable of developing, implementing and managing innovative projects around the smart city: a sustainable, connected, integrated, attractive, and liveable city.



Participants will acquire the requisite skills for a career in private companies, consultancies, engineering firms, as well as public-sector organizations, involved in projects to develop products and services related to smart cities and sustainable urbanization. Students will also gain the necessary skills for roles in higher education and research institutions.


Dr Laurence Vanin
Dr Giovanni Fusco
Pr Christine Voiron
Amel Attour
Pr Benoît Miramond
Dr Leonardo Lizzi
Dr Matteo Caglioni
Jean-Christophe Clément
Dr Eric Dumetz


The Mediterranean Institute for Risk, Environment and Sustainable Development (IMREDD) defines a new form of cooperation between higher education, research laboratories, companies and local authorities in the field of green technologies. Located in the heart of the Nice Meridia business district, IMREDD is strongly oriented towards the creation of employment and innovative business.

In the autumn of 2019, IMREDD will move into a brand new building, a forerunner of the designs and technologies of the future. This building of 5000 m2, conceived around a technological platform and a learning center, will be exemplary in terms of energy and environment. The Barani studio has designed a rectangular building whose façades are covered with large opalescent glass fixed blades, providing transparency to give real visibility to research and training activities.



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Come with us to explore the other
Smart Cities of the world.

Each year a study trip is organized with the active participation of students. What will our next destination be? It’s up to you to decide!

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We support student initiatives related to Smart Cities.

In 2017, Cindy and Maxime participated in COP23 in Bonn with our support.




Applications are open

for the academic year 2019-2020

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