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Developed with Skema Business School and taught in a multidisciplinary fashion, this module provides real smart city project for participants to work on, thus fostering both their project management and teamwork skills.



• This project is taught and organised in a multidisciplinary fashion providing participants with a practical project aimed to apply the theory and knowledge gained in previous modules. It also allows participants to develop project management and team work skills: participants will be teamed up into groups of 4 to 6 persons supervised by 2 to 3 tutors from different background and will be asked to work on a specific task leading to an output (study/prototype/object) pertaining one or more industrial processes.
• This module aims to strengthen participants’ sense of responsibility and spirit of initiative.
• This module is the basis for the practical application of acquired knowledge on project management.
• The hands-on projects offered will be based on collaborative work permitting to group the competences and expertise from different fields, majors and institutions.
• The use of collaborative engineering tools will be encouraged.
• The module aims to teach how to structure and prioritize the project-related data streams.
• Each project addresses an aspect related to the smart city and sustainable development (thermal and energy management, roads and services infrastructure, mobility and accessibility, city noise management, physical environment – hydrology, hydrogeology, green and blue infrastructure, biodiversity, urban programming, etc.)

Learning approach

• Blended learning and use of ICT tools
• Teamwork projects
• Access to the data set provided by the Smart City Innovation Center