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A 4 to 6-month internship in a private or public company or organisation in France or abroad aimed at equipping participants with professional skills in one branch of the smart city: energy, mobility, behaviours, risks…



• A professional experience is a privileged and highly valued moment creating opportunities for exchange and training between the business world and the University Côte d’Azur (UCA). The professional experience is an integral part of the study programme.
• It takes the form of a mandatory internship (managed through an Internship Agreement signed by the parties involved).
• The internship may take place at a company or at a research centre in France or abroad.
• Finding an internship is a participant’s own responsibility. UCA may share with students the internship offers proposed by its partners.
• Duration: 4 to 6 months (equivalent to 30 ECTS), from beginning of March until end of August. The internship must be validated in order to obtain the degree.
• During the internship period, the participant shall undertake operational tasks. The content of the internship shall focus on one of the different aspects of the smart city, based on the learning outcomes obtained during the study programme. The contents and aims of the internship period shall be defined in cooperation between the participant, the professional tutor at the host organisation and the academic tutor.
• Furthermore, the participant shall «observe» and understand the interactions between the departments, the communication methods, the internal policy and the structural culture.
• Each participant will be assigned to two tutors: a professional tutor (the direct internship supervisor from the company/research centre) and an academic tutor (the supervising professor).
• The evaluation and the validation of the internship are carried out mainly through professional criteria. The internship is concluded by a written report and an oral defense presenting the work done and an in-depth review of at least one associated topic and details of the smart city.