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Exploring the new energy technologies for the 21st century, related to energy efficient consumption, distribution, and self-production: the role of energy in generating added-value at the local level through projects on future eco-districts and micro-grids.



• Introduction: Discovering the new smart energy grid that supports green energy initiatives of the 21st century.
• Energy efficient transmission and distribution: Understanding the technical, economic and environmental issues related to energy transmission.
• Control: Review communication technology for AC power distribution automation, then move towards technology.
• Metering and Home Area Networks: Get a solid technical foundation for understanding smart meters and home power systems.
• MicroGrid: Examine a variety of micro-grid topics, including distributed generation, wind, photovoltaics, fuel cells, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, securing smart grids, addressing community needs, smart meters and peripherals.
• Energy Efficient Buildings and Neighborhoods: Obtain a structured overview of smart green buildings and their connection to district energy networks, for self-consumption with or without storage.
• Consumers and prosumers: Understand consumer trends and habits, at the heart of the smart grid. Examine technologies and services to optimize the social acceptance of new energy solutions.
• New energy markets: knowledge of the perimeters and rules of the various players in the energy market: operators of production, transmission and distribution systems, entities responsible for balance, traders and brokers, virtual operators of power plants on demand and at the loss of load.
• Electric Vehicles: Review solutions and services for the deployment of the EV charging infrastructure. Learn pricing strategies to optimize the energy chain to reduce costs and offer new services to EV users.
• Energy storage: Understanding the different energy storage solutions and the added value they can provide. Examine different cost-effective energy storage projects around the world.

Learning outcomes

• Organization of the energy market: regulated and deregulated activities and players
• New energy technologies for the 21st century: outcomes and trends, smart metering, efficient energy, growing new needs
• In home / beyond meter energy solutions: smart and efficient homes, IoT solutions, auto-production & auto-consumption
• Habits and social use of energy: how will the consumuer be a prosumer
• Future projects on eco-districs and micro-grids: how energy can generate added value at a local level

Learning approach

• Blended learning and use of ICT tools
• Visit to the world leading “Nice Grid” (Enedis) and ‘’Horizon” (Schneider Electric) projects and the Micro-Grid positive energy business center “Les Aqueducs”.