Smart Electricity Grids

Smart electricity grids

Demonstration and training in the smart grids of tomorrow

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General goal

IMREDD has initiated a partnership with Enedis in the field of smart grids. Enedis and IMREDD have shared interests; in the scope of its reference center “Smart territory, risk management and prevention” IMREDD reflects on the smart city capable of implementing a management of connected infrastructures (water, energy, transport, public facilities, buildings, waste management and sorting, etc.) which are adaptable, sustainable, more efficient and automated to improve the quality of life of citizens, while respecting the environment; Enedis deploys its know-how in the management and modernization of the public electricity grid by initiating and piloting Smart Grid projects in the area, and in particular the Nice Méridia urban technopole, in which a first Smart Grids application will be deployed in an urban scale.

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Operational goals

1. An animation in IMREDD’s Smart City Innovation Center to introduce visitors to the Nice Smart Valley demonstrator (French brick of the European Interflex project in the Nice region). As a new pilot site for the smart grid of tomorrow, this demonstrator will promote the consumption of locally produced energy and will enable the integration of more photovoltaic production and electric vehicles.

2. Support to IMREDD in the design of the technological platform of its future building (management of energy performance and self-production / self-consumption) with the aim of making it a reference in the heart of the new eco-district of Méridia.

3. Development of training activities for the Intelligent Electrical Networks for future professionals, particularly in the context of the “Engineers for Smart Cities” diploma

4. Support to Université Côte d’Azur in the deployment of smart grids on the SophiaTech campus located in Sophia Antipolis and on the Eco-Campus whose construction is underway on the neighborhood of Nice Méridia.


Strategic Activity Area




3 years
(from September 1st,  2016 to August 31, 2019)