Smart City
Simulation Zone

Sustainable and interconnected city simulation platform

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A technical platform for the sustainable and interconnected city, the Smart City Open Simulation Zone makes it possible to materialize and visualize in real time all the data stored in the Data Center of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis and the control of the city that can result from it. Equipped with a data processing and dynamic display system, this 300 m² plateau displays a set of projects implementing innovative technologies and applications that optimize the management of the city and improve services to the citizen. These projects are the result of a collaborative effort between industrial partners, researchers from laboratories, students and the Metropolis and demonstrate the benefits of “cross-fertilization”, generating ideas and innovations.

In order to allow the processing and development of the data collected, the system is supplemented by means of ultra-fast graphics and storage. These resources enable development and innovation projects to carry out high-performance simulation and graphical analysis calculations. Installed and connected to the Data Center of the Metropolis, all of these resources are virtualized, offering virtual remote offices within the Smart City Innovation Center.