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The Maker Space of the Technology Platform is a manufacturing workshop for the purpose of technological creation, allowing to move from an idea to its material realization and its characterization. Equipment acquired or in the process of being acquired can be classified into several categories: printing and manufacturing, physico-chemical analyzes, photographic and thermal surveys, environment, GIS and 3D modeling.

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Work environment


Printing and manufacturing

Technological platform

Factory 2.0

Industrial printer for production of parts and micro-production (FDM method)

Technological platform

ZMorph 2.0 SX

FDM method

Technological platform

Ultimaker Extended 2+

FDM method : simple extrusion

Technological platform

Raise 3D ND Plus

FDM method

Technological platform

Form 2

Stereolithography method

Technological platform

Form Wash

Integrated solution for cleaning prints

Technological platform

Form Cure

Integrated solution for the treatment of resins after printing

Technological platform

EinScan Pro+

3D Scanner

Physico-chemical analyses

Technological platform

Table MEB Phenom Pro X

Analysis of the surface of a sample and the chemical composition (MEB-EDX)

Technological platform

Elcometer 1720

Washability and abrasion controller

Technological platform

AFM Innova

Nanoscale topographic analysis of surfaces

Technological platform

IR Spectrum Two

IR analysis in direct or ATR mode in the range of 400 to 4000 cm-1

Technological platform

Tensiomètre K100

Performs measurements of surface tension, interfacial tension, and critical micellar concentration (CMC)

Technological platform

Vasco Granulometer

Determination of particle size (diameter) from 0.5nm to 10μm

Technological platform

Goniometer DSA 10

Determination of the contact angle of a liquid on a surface, the surface tension and the surface tension of a chemical liquid (MEB-EDX)

Technological platform

Surpass Anton-Paar

Electrokinetic analyzer for the analysis of the surface of solids

Technological platform

Spectrum Spotlight 200

FT-IR Imager. Transmittance, reflection and ATR analyzes

Technological platform

Rheometer Kinexus Pro

Rheological characterization of dispersions, complex fluids and soft solids

Photographic and thermal imaging

Technological platform

Flir Tau 2 camera

Thermal camera 19mm, resolution 640×512 pixels

Technological platform

Drone Dji Phantom

Compact drone, compatible with GoPro cameras and with an autonomy of about 10 minutes

Technological platform

Drone Dji S1000

Professional drone, compatible with DSLR cameras and with an autonomy of about 15 minutes


Technological platform

Nitric Oxide Monitor

Portable nitric oxide analyzer. By combining it with the NO₂ converter, NOx and NO₂ can be measured by difference.

Technological platform

NO₂ Converter

NOx and NO₂ measurement. Combine with Portable Nitric Oxide Analyzer

Technological platform


Portable Calibration Source (Model 306). Personal Ozone Monitor (PO₃M)

GIS and 3D Modeling

Technological platform

70″ HD Touch Table

70 “HD touch screen running Esri CityEngine Advanced and ArcGIS software