Further into energy storage: IMREDD integrates a flywheel device


IMREDD incorporates an innovative “flywheel” energy storage system. This device will store the excess energy production from the photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the building.

The latest flywheel technology is based on the acceleration of a rotor in a vacuum container (without air friction, the flywheel can spin for much longer, at high speed and with very low energy consumption). The kinetic energy stored by this means can then be recovered by braking the rotor. The principle seems simple, but it took the British company OXTO Energy 5 years of development to produce this efficient and compact model.  Its nominal storage capacity is 7.5 kWh, with a charge/discharge power of 65 kW.

The system will be used in various applications, in particular for peak load shaving. This will facilitate, for example, the integration of electric vehicles in the smart cities. With this new device, 80% of the energy absorbed can be restored, with a very fast response rate. Its lifespan is unlimited and, unlike conventional storage systems, all of its components are recyclable.

Testing innovative solutions in the field of Energy is one of the major challenges of the IMREDD. As such, the IRIS Smart Cities Project supports and participates in the integration of these devices, with the aim of developing and replicating them in other smart cities in Europe and worldwide.