Earth Day

Montage: vue aérienne sphérique de Nice avec le ciel bleu partiellement nuageux, le bâtiment de l'IMREDD à l'horizon et une mouette en plein vol

Climate, renewable energies, zero carbon mobility… to mark Earth Day 2021, find out about some of IMREDD’s projects that contribute to a more sustainable world:

ALPIMED Clima: a cross-border Interreg ALCOTRA Project for the adaptation of mountain territories to climate change and optimization of energy consumption in ski resorts.

IRIS Smart Cities: a leading European Project to help cities develop cheaper, more accessible, more reliable energy and mobility services that contribute to a better and more sustainable urban quality of life.

– Energy performance of the IMREDD building: equipped with a photovoltaic park and a wind turbine, as well as energy storage and consumption management devices, and with a bioclimatic architecture favoring lower consumption, the IMREDD building is being developed in a logic of intelligent and sustainable energy management.