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Degrees on 
Smart City and Sustainable Development

Degrees on

Smart City and Sustainable Development

MSc Engineers for Smart Cities

Diplôme universitaire 

Smart City engineering


Master Business Law

Risks and Sustainable Development track


Master Information and Communications

Eco-citizen Communication, Heritage and Sustainable Development track


Master Environmental Management

Environmental Management and Sustainable Development track


Master Environmental Management

Atmospheric Pollution, Climate Change, Health Impacts, Renewable Energy (AIR) track


Master Environmental Management

Geoplanning, spatial planning and sustainability (GEOPRAD) track


Master Science and Engineering of Materials

N.I.C.E. (Nano & Materials, Industry & Management, Design & Quality, Energy & Environment) track

3rd year Bachelor - BHPE

High Energy Performance Buildings

MSc Environmental Hazards and Risk Management

Diplôme d’établissement

Better predict and manage environmental hazards

Resilience Strategy

Executive Education