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Study of Structures, Adaptation Processes and Changes in Space


The ESPACE laboratory, Study of Structures, Adaptation Processes and Changes in Space, was created in 1997, as joint research unit 5651 of the CNRS, bringing together researchers working for a long time in the field of spatial analysis.

ESPACE is a multi-site joint research unit (UMR), created at the request of the CNRS management and the Ministry of Research, at the closing of the GIP RECLUS. The units that merged had long-standing scientific relationships through the Dupont Group, a co-located DEA (Nice, Avignon, Aix), a multi-site and monothematic doctoral school “Structures and Spatial Dynamics in Geography”.

Research themes

– Natural, urban and health risks
– Ventilation and atmospheric pollution
– Urban Systems and Metropolisation
– Littoralisation
– Integrated management of territories
– Sustainability of territories
– Space and Health
– Geoprospective
– Geogovernance

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