Understand and Operate Ethical Issues Related to Data Protection and Digital Services in Business Model Innovation

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General goal

The objective is to define and operationalize a methodology able to integrate the ethical, legal, institutional and economic stakes posed by Big Data in the innovation of business models. In other words, beyond the business models of the CIITI project, it is about developing a research protocol around the innovation of business models incorporating and generating digital data.

Triangle Bleu

Operational goals

The industrial and institutional challenges are centered on the creation of the “International Innovation Center for Intelligent Territories” (CIITI) and focus on the priority themes of the territory’s strategy:

  • The smart and sustainable city (energy, environment, mobility, risks and security).
  • Health (well-being, autonomy, aging, medicine of the future).
  • Tourism (attractiveness, new tourist services, business tourism).

The following two industrial and institutional challenges result:

Challenge 1: Creation of a sustainable economic model of territorial data valorization.
Challenge 2: Create a digital infrastructure 2.0 of the connected metropolis.

On the basis of these two industrial and institutional challenges are defined four scientific challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Define the concept of Ethics posed by the issues of protection, exploitation and valuation of digital data from the point of view:
    • individuals (personal and impersonal data)
    • private and public organizations
  • Challenge 2: Crossing the principles of Ethics & Privacy of digital data with national and European legal and legislative developments
  • Challenge 3: Define and operationalize a methodology facilitating the consideration of ethical, legal and economic issues (as they evolve) in the innovation of business models based or incorporating digital data.
  • Challenge 4: Understand how these ethical & digital data protection issues are implemented in the strategies of the territories involved in a smart city approach both at national and international level


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Strategic Activity Areas




24 months
(from July 1st, 2018 to June 30th, 2020)

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