Convergent Optimized Service For Intermodal Transportation

Triangle Bleu

General goal

The project aims to design and develop a software model solving the Dynamic Dial-A-Ride Problem and to optimize the routes of Transport on Demand for inter-modality.

Triangle Bleu

Operational goals

This project aims to design, develop and apply methods and algorithms based on:

  • Knowledge and formalization of DARP and target functions adapted to new forms of mobility and dynamic new services to optimize.
  • Flow dynamics related to the scalability of the request (robustness of the system, optimum temporal granularity of optimization sequences, flexible optimization policies based on heuristics …).
  • Inter-modality and existing transport services by a drawdown logic (DARP in convergence) on intermodal points (TRAM, bus stop, airport, stations, etc.).
  • The integration of massive (geographical) data exchange channels via social networks and collaborative tools of geographic (OpenStreetMap) or individual information sharing (Twitter, Facebook).

The main stages of the project will focus on four areas:

1) The formalization of the addressed problem with its dynamic component; it is a question of reconsidering the DARP by integrating an original temporal dimension.

2) The development of operational research optimization algorithms responding in a very short time with good quality solutions.

3) The realization of tests on real geographical data with local partnerships, geostatistical estimations, cartography of flows and optimized paths.

4) The development of a software model integrated and evaluated by simulations in terms of resistance to scalability and taking into account the immediacy of requests.




Visuel Cosit

Strategic Activity Areas




12 months