Smart and sustainable mediterranean city

Smart and sustainable mediterranean city

Improving the security of energy supply on the Sud-PACA territory through innovation

Smart and sustainable mediterranean city

General goal

The Sud-PACA region is an energy peninsula where innovation must contribute to improve the security of energy supply. Progress on renewable energies, the exploitation of the territory’s potential coupled with the measures of energy efficiency and electric mobility as well as the development of innovative solutions of electrical, heat or cold networks bring new perspectives on the Sud-PACA territory.

The objectives assigned to this partnership are to study this system with long-term visions and economic approaches, to take into account the specificities of the territory and its Mediterranean character, and to analyze the social dimension and the question of behaviors of customers-consumers-citizens, actors of climate change and producers.

Smart and sustainable mediterranean city

Operational goals

Collaborative actions take several forms: hosting trainees and post-docs, thesis contracts, joint responses to French or European calls for projects, joint organization of scientific seminars, etc.

These actions are conducted on multiple scientific themes associating EDF’s R&D departments and university laboratories:

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Evolution of energy policies; societal changes favoring a carbon-free society and the adoption of more efficient and economical energy consumption behaviors
  • Hydroinformatics simulation platform adapted to free surface flows in urban areas
  • Human and environmental impact of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides




Smart and sustainable mediterranean city

Strategic Areas of Activity

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6 years
(from June 25th, 2014 to June 24th, 2020)

Le projet s’achèvera dans :


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